Traditional Materials:


Traditional building materials such as Cob, stone, thatch, oak and lime mortars have been providing comfortable, sustainable, beautiful and ecologically sound buildings for hundreds of years.


Cob and solid stone walls need to 'breathe' allowing moisture to evaporate

from the external surfaces. Hard cement renders do not allow the migration

of moisture and some modern non-breathable masonry paints can trap in moisture, causing damage to walls, timber lintels and window frames.


Older buildings that have been renovated with cement based impermeable materials can suffer from dampness, cracking and flaking paint-work.


Cob wall repairs are made with pre dried cob blocks or bricks to reduce

'shrink back' and can significantly reduce repair drying time. Cob blocks or bricks can be 'stitched' into the fabric of an existing wall using 'Helifix' rods and lime mortar to permanently repair cracks & stabilise damaged cob walls.

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